Safe Havens

A Safe Haven is a safe place young people can turn to if they feel they are in danger. Shops display a sticker that promises protection, building a safer community on your local high street

The key to Safe Havens is connected communities. It’s about taking young people beyond their school gates and inspiring them to learn about their local community and how they can have a positive impact on it. Young people build relationships with shopkeepers and other community members such as the police, MP’s, faith leaders and parents.

The Safe Haven resources are designed to be a fun and interactive way to learn important lessons about the places we live and how we can each take social action to make communities safer. A shop or business agrees to become a Safe Haven after being asked by the children the Mizen Foundation work with if they would like to be involved. The charity encourages the children to ask them in their own way, and find this leads to a natural relationship forming between the children and the shopkeepers.

“Safe Havens are spreading the values of family and looking after each other, which is something we want to see in our community to make it safe.”

Shop owner in South East London

“The Safe Haven programme ran in my school gave me the confidence to act as a leader in groups; both in and out of school. They taught our group a lot about Jimmy Mizen’s life and that encouraged us to help set up Safe Havens in our local community. The push they gave me has now helped me to get involved in student leadership at my school.”

Pupil at Deptford Green School

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