We believe that the issues of confrontation and violence in our communities will not be altered by harsher punishment and retributive action. 

After Jimmy’s death Barry & Margaret were determined that something good would come from it. They asked themselves ‘Do we need more and more legislation, or do we need to ask ourselves about the kind of society we want to live in? Change has to come from each of us*.’ Since then they have worked tirelessly, sharing Jimmy’s story with over 15,000 young people.

Jimmy’s story is a powerful and compelling way to address issues facing young people navigating their way through childhood. A catalyst for change.

What we do 

We share Jimmy’s story in schools, pupil referral units, youth groups, churches and businesses. Barry & Margaret speak with a gentle and calm demeanour using matter-of-fact language using Jimmy’s story to highlight a number of key issues;


Jimmy’s murderer had a history of bullying and anti-social behaviour, escalating as he got older resulting in more and more violent acts

Consequences of actions

Getting young people to think about how they respond to situations


Illustrating how it can cause so much damage and get out of control so quickly

Forgiveness & personal responsibility

Showing how, no matter the situation, you have the power to take control

We will only achieve safer and more cohesive communities by working together and understanding the root causes of the issues. Long term, deep-rooted change can only happen if the thinking is changed first and we develop a more positive narrative concerning young people.

Why Talks for Change is different

The Mizen Foundation delivers a more person centric approach helping all young people, not just those at risk of becoming perpetrators of crime, to understand how it is their personal response to situations that can determine the outcome of that situation. We highlight the need for us all to take individual responsibility for our actions, our relationships with others and our communities. Change comes from the individual.

“Mr & Mrs Mizen came to speak at my son’s school, a couple of weeks ago. My son is 17 and tonight he talked to me for about 20 minutes about Jimmy, what happened to him and how Mr & Mrs Mizen had told their story. It has made a big impression on him and made him think deeply about how actions have consequences. I am certain you hear many times about the effect that your talks have on young people, but I wanted to tell you that he is still thinking about it two weeks later, and I am certain it is an experience that will stay with him for a long time. Thank you for the work you do to bring good out of the terrible loss your family suffered”.

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